The templates below are helpful in that they suggest the way we should approach a certain task. They are great starting points, but they can, and should, be modified and changed.

Agree or Disagree

Intro(Statement). This essay will discuss/explain…
ConclusionIn conclusion, (summary of arguments). Therefore, I completely agree/disagree that…
In conclusion, although…, I agree that…
In conclusion, I think… However,…

Positive or Negative

Intro(The situation or trend). This essay will explain why this development is largely positive/negative.
P1Undoubtedly, (the development) has some advantages/disadvantages.
P2Nevertheless, the negative/positive effects are significant.
ConclusionIn conclusion, although (summary of the other side), (summary of your side) show that, on the whole, this is a negative/positive development.

Discuss Both Views

IntroSome people think (view 1), while others argue that (view 2). This essay will discuss these two views and explain why I agree with the former.
ConclusionIn conclusion, although (summary of the other view), in my view, (your opinion).

Advantages and Disadvantages

Intro(The situation or development).This essay will discuss why the benefits/drawbacks of (topic) are greater than their drawbacks/benefits.
P1There are clear benefits to X.
There can be several problems caused by X.
P2Nevertheless, X also has its problems.
Nevertheless, X also offers tremendous benefits.
ConclusionIn conclusion, it is true that (the other side). However, the advantages/disadvantages of (topic) tend to be greater.


Intro(The situation). This essay will explain why this is the case and suggest several solutions.
(The situation). This essay will discuss the problems caused by this and suggest several solutions.
P1Two main factors are behind X.
P2Nevertheless, there are several possible solutions.
ConclusionIn conclusion, (summary of reasons or problems), but (summary of solutions).

Two Parts

Since the questions used in this task type are similar to those used in the other types, some templates above could be used.