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Government responsibilities

  • It defends the country from outside enemies.
  • It keeps order within the country (to protect its people) through rules.
  • It provides services for its people.

Taxes, yeah, I know

  • Governments need money to run their countries.
  • Almost every government collects taxes, certain amounts of money from its citizens.
  • Why collect taxes?
    • to pay for public services (e.g. education, healthcare, transportation)
    • to provide protection (e.g. army, police)
    • to build insfrastructure (e.g. roads, power supplies)
    • to make technological progress
    • to change people’s behavior (e.g. putting high taxes on tobacco to reduce smoking)
    • to support the disadvantaged (e.g. the poor, the disabled)
  • Governments also raise or lower taxes to help their country’s economy.
  • Some drawbacks 😟
    • Taxes may discourage people from working hard.
    • The way governments impose taxes can be unfair.
    • People and businesses may try to avoid paying taxes.
    • People have less money to spend on goods and services.
      • And this is not good for businesses.

Source: Britannica Kids