Process diagram 🐟

Useful language for process diagrams

Keywords: Task 1 | Vocabulary


  • The figure illustrates the process used to…
  • The figure illustrates the way in which…
  • The figure illustrates the stages and equipment that are involved in the process of…


  • The process can be outlined in [number] steps/stages.
  • The process starts with… and ends at…
  • Overall, there are… steps/stages in the process, from…, through…, to…
  • This process comprises [number] main stages:…
  • Note: Notice the difference between “consist” and “comprise” in usage.
    • consist of sth
      • The process consists of…
    • comprise sth (NOT comprise of sth)
      • The process comprises…
    • be comprised of sth
      • The process is comprised of…

Details paragraphs

  • First (of all)
  • Then
  • Next
  • After that
  • After
  • At the first/second… stage (of the process)
  • At the start of the process
  • In the first step
  • The first/second… stage in the process is that…
  • Once sth have/has been V3,…
  • The resulting + noun
  • Following this
  • Subsequently
  • This stage is followed by
  • Alternatively
  • Concurrently
  • At the same time

Make sure that you vary the way you use linking words.

More complex transitions

  • after being V3
  • at this point
  • at which point
  • after which
  • where
  • in the next step (can be used at the beginning of the second details paragraph)
  • subsequently (better used in the middle of a sentence)
  • finally
  • this noun
  • , thereby gerund (usually used in the end)

More useful vocabulary

  • sold at retail establishment
  • sold to the public
    • for sale to the public
  • the delivery of … to retail outlets
  • manually (when something is done by hand)
  • melt → molten
  • a mechanical claw
  • apple/cherry/pear orchard (fruit or nut trees, not citrus)
  • orange/lemon/palm/banana/coconut/olive/coffee grove
  • cannery
  • warehouse
  • spawn (v/ noncount n)
    • spawning grounds

Life cycles

  • The diagram gives information about the various stages in the life of the..
  • Overall, the full lifecycle of… takes…, from…, through…, to…
  • The lifecycle of the… begins when…
  • In the next stage,…