Basics 🐣

KEYWORDS: describe, figure

Referring to a number

In this guide, when you see (subject), it refers to the type of number.

(subject) can also be anything that means a number, an amount or a percentage.

Regular expressionsAlternatives
the amount of chicken (that was) consumedchicken consumption / the consumption of chicken
the number of car theftscar thefts
the amount of leisure timeleisure time
the percentage of people aged 18-24 who attended concertsthe attendance rate of people aged 18-24 / the 18-24 age group’s attendance rate
the percentage of adutls who donated to charitythe level of donation among adults
the percentage of households with a telephonetelephone ownership

List of trend verbs and nouns

Trend verbTrend noun
increasean increase
decreasea decrease
remain stableno change / little change